29 May 2011


625 West Liberty Street
Allentown, PA 18102
(610) 433-1950

Susan and Eric both ordered two Yocco's Hot Dogs, a "well done hot dog in a steamed roll, with chopped onions, tangy mustard, & Yocco's chili sauce." The hot dogs were served on a tray without a plate, but with thoughtfully arranged napkins on a tray slip. They looked shriveled, black and disgusting. This location offers cold beer to go.

Susan: "Well done, done well! Although not much to look at, this dog is one of the scrappiest dogs I've ever eaten. It's bare-bones, no fancy ingredients, and yet it manages to be a unique, fantastic dog. I like the burnt skin, and it all washed down with some delicious chocolate milk." Also, it's pronounced "Yocco's" like "tacos."

Eric: "I wish I had been hungrier, because I wanted to eat more." Four hot dogs, a chocolate milk and a $4 beer came to $7.50. The wiped-on Yocco's sauce may not look great, but oh man was it delicious.


maxbossman said...

Mmmm delicious, this dog reminds me of a dog we have in australia, called the oven dog. The oven dog is one of a kind and in my opinion reins supreme to all other frangurts, little boys and dogs. The beauty of the oven dog is its final touch......3 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven just brings out a sensation that a dog has to offer. Unfortunately the shop that sells this glorious piece of art is very poorly managed, which makes consuming one of these a rare treat that only few can experience. However if u do manage to ever get your chompers around one, an ear to ear smile will be shed by you satisfied face. Goodluck for any future hotdog endevers, Max

city said...

thanks for sharing.